Presentations and Trainings

20108303_10102357316346200_2944233531289826454_nBelow is a list of some of the major presentations and trainings I have given. If you would like to have me present at your event, classroom, or organization, please contact me here.




Real Talk About Environmental Activism 

Forest Grove, OR, September 2017

  • I presented to a Pacific University environmental studies seminar class on climate change activism. The presentation included personal narratives from my own 10+ years of experience as an activist, interwoven with discussion about developments in the global climate movement from the past decade.
  • Themes of the presentation included activist strategy, the importance of protest, grassroots leadership, and avoiding burnout.


Moths of the North Cascades

Methow Valley, WA, May 2017

  • I gave a presentation on observing and studying moths as part of my final natural history project for the North Cascades Institute M.Ed in Environmental Education residency program.
  • Presentation focused on aesthetic and ecological appreciation of moths, natural history, and literature about moths.


Power Through the Paper: Writing an Effective Letter to the Editor

Kelso, WA, March 2016

  • I gave a workshop on crafting an effective Letter to the Editor and how to use LTEs in grassroots campaigns, delivered at the Community Organizing and Coal Exports workshop sponsored by the Sierra Club and other organizations.


Social Change and Climate Action

Missoula, MT, July 2013, July 2014, July 2015

  • For three years in a row, I gave an approximately hour-long presentation about the role of nonviolent direct action and mass protest in social movements, and the need for more of this type of activism in the modern-day climate movement.
  • This presentation was given for the Wild Rockies Filed Institute’s annual summer course on climate change in Montana.


1922005_1007676792617915_5783975556174007979_nDirect Action and the Fight Against Coal Exports

Tacoma, WA; Portland, OR; Walla Walla, WA; Spokane, WA; Missoula, MT, March-July 2013

  • In March-July, 2013 I gave a series of presentation for student groups and environmental studies classes as the University of Puget Sound, Reed College, Whitman College, Gonzaga University, and University of Montana.
  • Presentation focused on direct action in the climate movement, with an emphasis on the fight against Northwest coal exports


Grassroots Environmental Organizing Training

Missoula, MT, July 2013

  • On behalf of Blue Skies Campaign, I co-led a training in grassroots organizing techniques for the Study of the US Institute, an annual program that brings college students from five Southeast Asian countries (Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam) to the US to study environmental issues
  • Training covered campaign planning, messaging, organization building, and running a successful meeting


Letter to the Editor Writing Workshop

Helena, MT, August 2012

  • During the Coal Export Action, I gave a skills-building workshop on writing an effective letter to the editor
  • Topics covered in the workshop included how to make your LTE stand out, rules for submitting LTEs, effective opening and closing lines, and the three major components of a good LTE


Workshop on Coal Export Campaigns

Missoula, MT, February 2012

  • As part of the Rocky Mountain Power Shift conference, I ran a workshop on organizing to challenge coal export projects
  • Components of the workshop included an overview of campaign strategy, examples of effective tactics, and discussion of effective campaign recruitment


Presentation at University of Puget Sound Focus the Nation 

Tacoma, WA, February 2011

  • I gave an approximately 40-minute presentation on grassroots opposition to coal export projects in the Pacific Northwest, and ways that students can get involved.


Presentation to Environmental Studies Class at Pacific University

Forest Grove, OR, September 2010

  • I gave an approximately hour-long presentation on activism the youth environmental movement to the Environmental Studies Seminar introductory class at Pacific University
  • Components of the presentation included a personal narrative about my own experience as an activist, an explanation of the importance of activism and political engagement for environmentalists, and dispelling some common myths about youth activism


Training on Writing an Opinion Piece for Publication

Seaside, OR, July 2010

  • At a Sierra Student Coalition advanced training workshop, I gave an hour-long presentation on how to write a convincing op-ed piece for publication in a newspaper
  • Presentation included breaking down the structure of a well-written op-ed into parts, providing an example of a publishable piece, and explaining how this type of writing can enhance an environmental campaign