Articles and Other Short Writings

Nick’s writings on activism, climate issues, environmental education, and more have appeared in many diverse publications. The below pieces are a sampling of his work.

Environmental Education

“Why Activism Needs to be Part of Any Meaningful Climate Education” – Waging Nonviolence

“Can We Teach the Earth Charter Anymore? A Critical Examination of the Earth Charter’s Role in Education” (co-authored) – Canadian Journal of Environmental Education

“White Guy Hiking: How I Learned to Think Critically About My Ecological Identity” – Summit to Salish Sea: Inquiries and Essays

“Confronting a World of Wounds” – CLEARING Magazine


Natural History

“Incredible Kelp Forests With Countless Marine Animals Are Facing Destruction”

“Tasmanian Devils: Long Persecuted and in Need of Help”

“Shy, Elusive Wolverines are Clinging to Survival”

“See Turtles, Ancient Survivors of the Oceans, Could Soon be Extinct”

“The World’s Loneliest Frog Finds a Mate!” – Daily Kos

“Mapping Washington Bumble Bees” – 1889 Magazine 

“Imperiled Bats Need Our Help, Not Persecution”

“Moths of the Methow” – Methow Naturalist

“Studying Moths in the North Cascades” – Chattermarks

“Chasing Birds in Washington” – 1889 Magazine



“The Hills of Eternity” – Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine 

“Mountain Words” – Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine 

“Empire Camp” – Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine

“The Highway of Regrets” – Exterminating Angel Press: The Magazine 

Activism & Politics

Photo credit: Alejandro Alvarez

“The Fossil Free Research Movement is Taking Universities by Storm”Waging Nonviolence

“Climate Activists Across the Global South and North Unite to Stop the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline”Waging Nonviolence

“Wildlife Killing Contests Are a Senseless Celebration of Slaughter and Cruelty”

“Three Years After the First Global School Strike, Signs of the Youth Climate Movement’s Success Are Everywhere”Waging Nonviolence

“It’s Time to Challenge Animal Agriculture–Without the ‘Go Vegan’ Campaigns” – The Trouble

“As Biden Backslides, a Bigger, Better-organized Climate Movement Prepares to Seize this ‘Now or Never’ Moment” – Waging Nonviolence

“Indigenous Youth Keep Pressure on Biden in Pipeline Fights” – Deceleration

“Old-Growth Forests and Their Animal Inhabitants are Disappearing”

“Overwhelming Odds, Unexpected Alliances and Tough Losses — How Defeating Keystone XL Built a Bolder, Savvier Climate Movement” – Waging Nonviolence

“Oil and Gas Pipelines are a Disaster for Wildlife”

“Indigenous-led Resistance to Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline Threatens Big Oil’s Last Stand” – Vox Populi

“As the Smoke Subsides, West Coast Climate Activists Show What an Effective Response Looks Like” – Waging Nonviolence

“After a Big Win Against Coal, NY Climate Activists are Closer than Ever to Ending All Fossil Fuel Investments”Waging Nonviolence

“Protecting the Sacred Place Where Life Begins” – Eurasia Review

“For Climate Activists, Coronavirus Lockdown Means More Time to Organize”– Waging Nonviolence

“How a New Generation of Climate Activists is Reviving Fossil Fuel Divestment and Gaining Victories” – Waging Nonviolence

“How Generation Z is Leading the Climate Movement” – Waging Nonviolence

“Giving Youth a Voice: Jamie Margolin Leads the Way on Climate Change” – 1889 Magazine

“How the Youth-Led Climate Strikes Became a Global Movement” – Waging Nonviolence

“Climate Activists Set Sights on Ending Fossil Fuel Exports in the Northwest Once and for All” – Waging Nonviolence 

“Cows and Climate Change: Clearing Up the Confusion” – Daily Kos

“How Young Activists Turned the Old Idea of a Green New Deal into a Powerful Movement” – Waging Nonviolence 

“Trump’s Failed Coal Mission: A Year in Recap” – Daily Kos

“Australia’s Fires are Burning Animals to Death”

“First Nations Take on Canadian Government to Stop Trans Mountain Pipeline” – Waging Nonviolence 

“8 Lessons for Today’s Youth-Led Movements From a Decade of Youth Climate Organizing” – Waging Nonviolence

“What Happens When Trump’s War on the “War on Coal” Fails?” – Daily Kos

“So, You Think You Voted?” – Daily Kos

“Why There’s Hope for the Climate Movement Under Trump” – Waging Nonviolence 

“What I Saw at a Love Trumps Hate Rally” – Daily Kos 

“How #NoDAPL United a Movement for Indigenous Rights” – Waging Nonviolence 

“These Are the People Who Trump Wants to Ban From Coming to the US” – Daily Kos

“How Montanans Stopped the Largest New Coal Mine in North America” – YES! Magazine

“Montanans Calling for Climate Solutions” – The Missoulian

“The Extraction Backlash: How Fossil Fuel Companies Are Aiding Their Own Demise” – Common Dreams

“Indigenous Organizing Drives Montana Tar Sands Opposition”Waging Nonviolence

“How to Stop a Coal Train In Its Tracks” – Common Dreams 

“Montana Coal Protesters Argue Necessity Defense” – Waging Nonviolence

“Big Coal Faces Big Opposition in Pacific Northwest” – Salon

“Montanans Prepare to Harness Direct Action in Coal Fight” – Waging Nonviolence 

“Is Millennium Bulk Logistics a Good Neighbor for Oregon?”

“Can Geothermal Power Help China Meet its Energy Needs?”

“New Zealand Companies Crack Down on Illegal Timber”

“Defending the Clean Air Act from Congress”

“In Corvallis, a Community Takes Steps to Move Beyond Fossil Fuels”

“Ethiopia Moves Toward Carbon Neutrality”

“2010 Was Record-Breaking Year for Solar”

“PGE Tries to Fool Oregonians, Holds Columbia Gorge Hostage”

“Boardman Coal Plant a Hot Topic at Public Hearing”

“Now is the Time to Move Oregon Beyond Coal”

“Nukes or Fossil Fuels? Germany Rejects False Choice”

“High Stakes: LNG and the Legislature” – The Oregonian

“U.S. Interior Department Fails to Deliver Clean Energy”

“Grassroots Organizing and the Defeat of Bradwood LNG”

“Funding for Dirty Energy and Emissions Casts Shadow on PNC Bank’s Green Image” – UK Guardian

“The Youth Movement Goes to Copenhagen” – YES! Magazine