How young activists turned the old idea of a Green New Deal into a powerful movement

Photo credit: Sunrise Movement

Last week over 250 young people converged on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s office in Washington, D.C. for a sit-in marking one of the latest escalations in the youth-led campaign for a Green New Deal. The action, led by youth from McConnell’s state of Kentucky, was planned in direct response to what they saw as his attempt to quash a Senate resolution on the Green New Deal by scheduling a premature vote.

“We’re here to demand Mitch McConnell look us in the eyes and tell us the $1.9 million he’s gotten from fossil fuel CEOs is more important than my generation’s future,” 17-year-old Destine Grigsby of Louisville said as the group arrived. “We’re here to share our stories and show him Kentucky needs a Green New Deal to ensure we have clean water, clean air, and stable jobs. This is the only solution we have for a livable future in Kentucky and throughout the world.”

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