Movement Makers: How Young Activists Upended the Politics of Climate Change

School strikes for the climate. A bold campaign for a Green New Deal. Fossil fuel divestment. Over the last few years, these and other youth-driven climate initiatives have grabbed the public’s attention and irrevocably altered the dialogue about climate change in the United States. But where did this unprecedented wave of activism come from? In Movement Makers, the first book to cover more than two decades of youth climate activism in astounding detail, reveals the behind-the-scenes story of how a scattering of small groups led by young people grew into a true mass uprising.

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Along with deep insights into how movements form and create change, in the pages of Movement Makers you’ll hear from interviews with current and former youth climate leaders including:

  • Jamie Margolin, the Seattle high school student who helped inspire Greta Thunberg to launch the climate strike movement,
  • Alyssa Lee, whose work reinvigorated campus fossil fuel divestment campaigns nationwide,
  • Will Lawrence, co-founder of Sunrise Movement and its youth-led drive for a Green New Deal,
  • Evon Peter, a key leader in the effort to defend Indigenous Gwich’in land from oil drilling,
  • Billy Parish, founder of the first major, nationally recognized coalition of climate groups led by young people,
  • Joseph White Eyes and Morgan Brings Plenty, leaders in the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline,
  • Enei Begaye, founder of the Black Mesa Water Coalition and a precedent-setting campaign against coal mining in Navajo country,
  • Lydia Avila, whose push for diversity and inclusion transformed climate organizations,
  • Tim DeChristopher, the University of Utah student who disrupted an oil and gas auction with an act of creative civil disobedience,
  • Dany Sigwalt, current executive director of the Power Shift Network,
  • Hridesh Singh, organizer of a youth-driven effort to divest New York from fossil fuels,
  • Ilana Cohen, leader in the campaign that forced Harvard to divest,
  • and many, many others!

No previous book has covered the U.S. youth climate movement in such a comprehensive way, illuminating how more than twenty years of organizing laid the foundation for seismic shifts in our national politics. Prepare to be amazed at the meteoric rise of a movement fighting for young people’s future—and be inspired to find your place in it.

Order your copy of Movement Makers or get the ebook!

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